Consultancy Services

Consultancy services

Most IT projects fail because they are poorly designed and poorly planned.

At Proximo3 we are problem solvers not solution sellers. Our approach ensures you get expert advice and help at the start.

We work with you to turn your business problem into a clear set of requirements that ensure your project get off to the best start.

We help you understand what is possible using the solutions available.

All of our solutions are designed with your objectives in mind. We ensure each solution is future proofed and in the cloud to provide your business return in the long run.

At Proximo3 we believe in buying not building. The wide range of platforms available from Microsoft with the hundreds of connectors and customisation options. All of this means you can get a soluton that meets your needs without breaking your budget.

  • Art of the possible

    Ensure you know what your options are and what emerging tech to take advantage of.

  • Designed around you

    Our consultancy approach is 100% designed around the customer. No two customers are the same and we ensure our services meet your unique approach

  • Project objectives

    Ensuring project success through clear quantifiable objectives.

  • Awesome Delivery

    Our consultants are at the top of their field and thrive on helping busineses solve problems

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