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Free Dynamics 365 Marketing with Proximo 3 and Microsoft

Microsoft have recently announced that for the next 6 months eligible customers will get a production instance of Dynamics 365 Marketing. This will come with 10,000 contacts and 100,000 email sends per month. To qualify for this offer you must be an existing Dynamics 365 customer who is not using Marketing currently and has a commercial E3/E5 license. If you are Office only and have an E3/E5 with 300 seats you will also be eligible for the offer, but this would require additional work.

Our team at Proximo 3 has been working with enterprise-level customers to build and deploy their Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing Solution and can now offer these services to help you take advantage of the 6 month free offer from Microsoft. To do this please contact us using the form below.

Dynamics 365 The Marketing Solution

The marketing sector of Dynamics 365 is a marketing automation application that helps organisations turn prospects into business relationships. The application is user-friendly, compatible with Dynamics 365 Sales, and even has built-in business intelligence.

What can I use Dynamics 365 Marketing for?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 has a great deal of features. Some of which include:

  • Analysing and documenting your marketing return on investment
  • Prioritising leads for more wins
  • Sharing information across teams
  • Getting to know your leads better with a 360-degree view of every lead and customer

For a full list of Dynamics 365 Marketing’s capabilities, check out their resource here.

What is included with Dynamics 365 Marketing?

The software includes a bundle of apps and solutions that have been carefully selected to support your marketing departments and coordinate with sales teams. Microsoft also gives the option for organisations to utilise these apps and solutions as bundles or as add-ons with other Dynamics 365 products.

Apps and solutions included with Dynamics Marketing include:

  • Core marketing, which provides email marketing, customer journeys, behaviour   tracking, lead scoring, marketing pages, and more
  • Event management
  • Dynamics 365 Connector for LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

Dynamics 365 Marketing is a prominent marketing solution that unifies your customer information and data all in one place, making your marketing segments and 360 Degree customer insights even better.

And that’s not all — Microsoft recently announced what’s to come in the future of Dynamics 365 Marketing.

Dynamics 365 Marketing upcoming features

In the 2021 release wave 2, Microsoft is focusing on improving experiences and capabilities for creating moments-based and segment-based customer journeys, spanning across all touchpoints. Also, they are introducing more personalisation features, with lower effort than ever before!

With these upcoming features, organisations can:

  • Visualise customer journey interactions on their Customer Insights activity timeline
  • Create segments for leads and custom entities with a segmentation builder
  • Create email content easily and efficiently with AI content ideas

Although a rollout date has not been announced yet, we are looking forward to working with enterprises to help them set up and deploy these new features

Key takeaways:

• Proximo 3 has been working with enterprise-level customers to build and deploy their Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing Solution.

• Dynamics 365 Marketing is a solution that unifies your customer information and data all in one place.

• Microsoft will be releasing new updates to Dynamics Marketing to improve experiences and capabilities for organisations.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a key player in your organisation’s success. If you’re looking to incorporate their Marketing Solutions into your strategy, look no further than working with the Proximo 3 team. Let us know how we can best help you with Microsoft Solutions by filling out our form Below