P3 Framework

P3 Framework

Here at Proximo 3 we conduct all of our services following our specially devised framework. The framework has been designed and implemented by 4 Microsoft MVPs, to bring success to your business via Microsoft solutions.

As an MVP each of our consultants are recognized as leaders in their field. Each of our consultants has vast experience of delivering hundreds of solutions across a wide range of organisation sizes, industries and types. Working in partnership our consultants recognised a new way of doing things, to better meet your requirements and so Proximo 3 was born.

The Proximo 3 delivery framework is made up of three distinct parts:


A critical part of every service delivered by Proximo 3, understanding your requirements. No matter what the service is, we ensure we take the time to understand your needs to make sure every piece of consultancy or delivery meets your needs.

Where possible we will ensure we spend time understanding your success metrics and meeting your stakeholder to understand what is really important to you. This ensures project success is guaranteed from the start.


The next stage is Evaluate, here we consider your requirements and the best way to meet them. At this stage, you benefit from the vast experience and product knowledge of our MVP consultants. They will consider the range of technology solutions available and using your requirements to carefully evaluate each option.

At Proximo 3 we are problem solvers, not solution sellers. Our evaluate stage is about finding the best solution, providing the greatest value and focusing on what is important to you.


At this stage, our expert consultants will present back the results of the previous two stages. You can have confidence that the recommended solution has been through a rigorous process, considering all of the possible approaches and solutions and recommending a tailor-made approach that will meet your needs.

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