Could Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service Be The Answer Your Business Has Been Searching For?

Does your business want to improve its customer relations through outstanding customer service? Then Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service could be your business’s missing piece of the puzzle!

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service focuses on building customer service experience into a quick, easy, and positive experience for your customers. Dynamics is available on any device, anywhere, making it compatible with different business models and working environments. 

The model is built on allowing businesses to deploy agents who can deal with/identify customer service requests from a range of sources to decrease the workload for employees and allow customer service requests to be focused on by agents.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows agents to log a full journey for each customer during their customer service case. Logged information from different agents is filed together in one journey per customer case, allowing for any agent working on the case to understand the full background. Alongside a customer journey being created for each case, agents can also use collaborative apps such as Microsoft Teams to involve matter experts, with the aim of resolving cases quicker.

D365 Customer Service can be altered and customised to meet the specific needs of your business, allowing for your customer service goals to be met with precision.



Features include:

  • Cases per customer service request
  • Track and record functionality to relate all information back to the customer service case
  • AI insights & analytics
  • Collaboration through other Microsoft services such as Teams
  • Reports & dashboards for performance and productivity tracking
  • Chat functions
  • Multi-channel

With a Customer Service admin centre, your business can manage all the features (managing chats, agent experiences, scheduling, and more) of your Customer Service installation from one place.

Users have the option of 3 different apps:

  1. Customer Service Workspace
  2. Customer Service Hub
  3. Customer Service Team Member.    

Simply choose the app that works best for the needs of your business. The table below exemplifies the three different apps and their features. (Cited from Microsoft Learn – Welcome to Dynamics 365 Customer Service | Microsoft Lea

Dynamics 365 customer service features table

With Microsoft’s new addition of Co-pilot, agents can make their lives easier than ever, with AI capabilities of resourcing information from trusted websites and company documents to assist them in their work on customer service cases.

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