Proximo 3 are a Microsoft Partner Specialising in Power BI

Utilise easy-to-create dashboards, advanced analytics, and natural language query capabilities to empower you to make informed business decisions.

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Benefits of Power BI:

With Power BI, we deliver a rich ‘Experience as a Service’ offering to enable customers to better understand their business data and easily collaborate on projects across multiple teams. This enables them to make smarter decisions faster.

Securely share data

Identify key metrics & get actionable insights

Share reports, dashboards, and work together on data analysis

Simplify data preparation

Tell data-driven stories

What Can Proximo 3 Do For Your Business?

Data Visualisation

Use Power BI to organise your data. Create dynamics visualisations, identify patterns & trends and simplify complex data for better decision making


Drill down into data to identify key metrics, analyse large data sets, uncover hidden insights, and get actionable results for your team to solve


Reduce manual effort whilst saving time and resources by connecting to various data sources and automating your data processing

Back to Basics

Proximo 3 can help your business work seamlessly across projects through in-depth analysis and data accessibility

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Dynamics 365 Field Service needs specialised skills to be able to deploy successfully. And the team at Proximo 3 has been with Dynamics 365 Field Service since the beginning and is a trusted resource for me and the Microsoft team when building new application functionality.
Ben Vollmer
Ben Vollmer
Global Director - Dynamics 365 Field Service

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