Meet the Team


Without community engagement, there would not be a Proximo 3. Andrew, Iain, and Mark initially met through community events and activities. Their relationship grew from there and it was apparent that they all shared the same business goals and objectives.

Our Team

Andrew Bibby Headshot

Andrew Bibby


Andrew is a certified CRM specialist, MCT and...

Iain Connolly Headshot

Iain Connolly


Iain has worked with Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM...

Mark Christie


Mark has 15 years of Microsoft Dynamics experience on...

Alison Mulligan Headshot

Alison Mulligan


Alison started her journey in tech by trying to build...

Yasmin Gray Headshot

Yasmin Gray

Marketing Manager

Yasmin has 10 years of marketing experience, spanning diverse...

Rachel McManus headshot

Rachel McManus

Digital Marketing Assistant

Rachel started working at Proximo 3 in January 2022 as...

Our Associates

Alex Baker-Wong Headshot

Alex Baker-Wong


Alex Baker-Wong is renowned for his remarkable technical...

Charlie Phipps Headshot

Charlie Phipps


Charlie Phipps, a Microsoft BizApps MVP, serves as the...

Joel Abbott Headshot

Joel Abbott


Joel Abbott, a veteran Microsoft CRM & Dynamics consultant...

Malin Martnes Headshot

Malin Martnes


Malin has been navigating the world of Dynamics 365 for...

Muhammet Atalay Headshot

Muhammet Atalay


Muhammet has 19 years of Microsoft Dynamics experience and...

Vivian Voss Headshot

Vivian Voss


Vivian Voss, a Microsoft Business Applications MVP, helps...