Embracing the journey of learning: Why I love being an MCT

By Iain Connolly

The Meaning and Significance of Being an MCT:

Being an MCT means being a part of Microsoft‘s esteemed program that recognises trainers who have demonstrated competency in delivering Microsoft training courses. An MCT is a symbol of recognition for successfully imparting Microsoft content to individuals seeking to enhance their skills and knowledge, particularly in Dynamics and the Power platform. The program has been on the rise in recent years, offering trainers access to comprehensive training materials and the opportunity to deliver Microsoft-designated courses. It is not merely about delivering training; it is about reaching the level of expertise expected by Microsoft and continuously renewing the certification to maintain its prestige. The MCT designation provides a pathway to ongoing learning and personal growth.

The Joy of Continued Learning:

For me, one of the best parts of being an MCT is the emphasis on continued learning. To effectively deliver training, trainers must possess a deep understanding of the content. In the past, I have experienced situations where trainers lacked the ability to answer additional questions outside the standard training package, which created a barrier to comprehensive learning. As an MCT, I am part of a network that fosters knowledge-sharing among trainers. This allows me to reach out to other MCTs, providing a broader resource pool for answering questions and continuously expanding my own training and understanding. The MCT community encourages trainers to push themselves forward, driving their own learning and growth.

Benefits for Me and Proximo 3:

Beyond personal growth, being an MCT brings substantial benefits to myself and Proximo 3 as a whole. Proximo 3 prides itself on delivering training courses where trainers are certified in the specific Microsoft content they teach. As an MCT, my certification adds to the stature and reputation of Proximo 3 within the Microsoft sphere. Being an MCT ensures that my knowledge and skills are up to date, which opens doors for consultancy services. With an in-depth understanding of Microsoft products and exams, Proximo 3 can provide better guidance to clients on how to optimise their use of these products. This expertise allows Proximo 3 to deliver training packages tailored to individual needs, ensuring participants receive value for their investment.

Exciting Opportunities Unveiled:

Being an MCT has presented me with exciting opportunities to contribute to the development of exams and improve the testing process. MCTs often have the chance to review exams, analyse areas where participants struggle, and make recommendations for improvements. Additionally, being an MCT allows me to anticipate upcoming changes and advancements in Microsoft’s certification program. This knowledge enables Proximo 3 to adapt our training courses accordingly, ensuring participants are well-prepared for the exams and possess the skills needed to excel in their careers.

Enriching Proximo 3’s Training Courses:

Proximo 3’s training courses are enriched by the expertise and passion brought by our MCTs. While we utilise Microsoft content, Proximo 3 adds its unique touch to ensure engaging and effective delivery. The trainers at Proximo 3 are dedicated to understanding the content thoroughly, aligning it with participants’ learning preferences, and tailoring the training experience accordingly. Proximo 3’s commitment to continuous improvement and engagement with the community further enhances its training offerings. The organisation’s trainers have gained experience in delivering courses in various settings, including hybrid environments. Our ability to read the room, whether in-person or virtual, ensures a high-quality learning experience for all participants.

Being an MCT has transformed my professional journey, providing me with continuous learning opportunities, networking with fellow trainers, and contributing to the growth of Proximo 3. I believe that my experiences highlight the importance of continuous learning, the benefits of being an MCT for personal and professional growth, and the opportunities it presents for contributing to the development of Microsoft exams. Proximo 3’s commitment to delivering exceptional training courses is further enriched by our MCTs, who bring a unique perspective and a deep understanding of Microsoft’s products and certification program.