Iain Connolly's Career

After leaving school with no Higher qualifications at the end of 5th year, I went to college and completed an NC in Music Technology with Electronics. I really enjoyed this course, so I also completed an HND in the same course the following year. After college, I applied and was accepted to Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) in Glasgow where I did my degree in Music Technology with Electronics. It wasn’t until I was at university that I overheard a conversation about common traits of Dyslexia and after realising that I matched with most of the traits, I went for an official diagnosis where it was confirmed that I did have Dyslexia. Being diagnosed was like a light bulb moment for me as all my experiences from learning in school and college suddenly made sense – such as being great at Maths but struggling in English. I was encouraged to try out different learning methods that other Dyslexic peers had found success with however, as the diagnosis was a bit later in my adolescence and education, I had already developed my own coping mechanisms which worked for me.

After graduating with my degree, I went to work in McDonald’s and other retail stores whilst I decided what I wanted to do in life. I eventually got a job in a bank as a call centre rep before going back to West of Scotland University to attend night school to gain a CCNA qualification (Cisco Certified Network Associate). Once I had gained my CCNA qualification, I left the bank and got a job at a 24-hour service desk at Wipro which mainly served oil companies globally. This was my first experience working in tech and where I first discovered Microsoft CRM 4 and met Mark Christie who was working for one of the companies where Wipro acted as a service desk support.

I spent a few years at Wipro before leaving to work on the Swan Network, with Capita. I worked in the Scottish Wide Area Network where I used my CCNA qualification to help connect all of Scotland’s entire public sector together through a shared single network. As a Network Engineer in the Network Operations Centre, my main job roles were to monitor the networks, configure routers, test lines, and coordinate engineers for on-site visits. After working here for a year, I wanted to move into a consultancy-based role, so I accepted a job offer at Castle Computer Services as a CRM Support Consultant where I specialised in applications support for Microsoft Dynamics for 1 year. I then moved to TSG as a Support/Functional Consultant where I did consultancy work for CRM-specific support.

In 2016, I made the move to eBECS as a CRM Consultant. This role consisted of traveling throughout the UK implementing Microsoft Dynamics solutions in customer sites.  Due to some personal circumstances I needed to be more home-based and travel less, so I took the leap going self-employed and got a contract in Glasgow doing CRM Functional Consultancy with Scottish Enterprise. During my 4 years there, I was part of a digital transformation team that was based on Microsoft Dynamics.

iain connolly and mark christie talking to a crowd sitting in a big room looking at a projector

Now, I do full-time consultancy work with Proximo 3 alongside Mark, Andrew, and Alison. I have held a Microsoft MVP status for the last 3 years which means I am kept busy with my community contributions which date back to my time at eBECS where it was challenged that there was no Microsoft community in Scotland. In a bid to disprove this, Mark and I ran the first (and our first) Scottish Microsoft event called D365 Saturday Scotland. In the following year, this turned into Scottish Summit, which has now been running for the last 4-5 years! We are currently finalising plans for Scottish Summit on Tour 2023 which is on the 5th-6th of August in and Scottish Summit 2024 for which the location is yet to be revealed…

Through my career working with Microsoft Dynamics 365 I really feel this highlights the endless possibilities and opportunities this platform provides businesses that embrace technology for growth and success.

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