Microsoft Power Platform Conference 2023

On the 3rd of October, Proximo 3’s Mark Christie will be attending and presenting at the Microsoft MVP Showcase Theatre at the Microsoft Power Platform Conference! This live, Las Vegas, event is a multi-day, jam-packed event where attendees can learn from Microsoft experts, MVPs, and senior figures on all things Microsoft and the Power Platform, how exciting!

Mark will be presenting his insightful session from 2-2:30pm (Central Time) for all Microsoft Power Platform Conference attendees! In his session he will discuss “Using your MVP platform to showcase others.”- ‘So, you are now an MVP great! What can you do with your new status? Once you are settled into the program and know what you can get out of it, let’s look at what you can do for others with it.’

If you see Mark at the event, please introduce yourself and say hi! We hope all attendees enjoy the event and learn lots of new information!

Mark Christie Microsoft Power Platform Conference session