My First Microsoft Event

I first started with Proximo 3 in January 2022 as a Digital Marketing Apprentice. In this role I work closely with my managers to create eye-catching content to promote our service offerings across four social media platforms, email marketing campaigns, and our website. I also manage event campaigns and SEO updates. Alongside my work at Proximo 3, I complete monthly modules on a range of topics and skills to allow me to move closer to becoming fully qualified.

Before joining Proximo 3 I was completely new to digital marketing, the world of Microsoft, and the Microsoft community. Upon the beginning of my apprenticeship, I set up a LinkedIn account, a platform which I’d never used before. I remember looking at the accounts of my managers – Mark Christie, Iain Connolly, Andrew Bibby, and Alison Mulligan – thinking how do they know so many ‘work’ friends? But, for the time being as I was quite happy with my 5 or 6 connections and the new job I had landed.

Scottish Summit 2022 opening keynote

Fast forward 5 months and I was standing outside of the Technology and Innovation Centre in Glasgow at 7am waiting to help set up for Scottish Summit 2022. This was my first Microsoft event, and fair to say, I didn’t quite know what to expect but I looked forward to the 2 jam-packed days ahead. Over the 2-days, I attended a range of different sessions about Power Platform, Power Portals, Office 365, Consultancy, CRM, workplace fears, disability awareness & inclusivity, and mental health. I was really impressed by the broad range of session topics at the event, there was definitely something for everyone (even those with very basic Microsoft knowledge like me).

On the Friday morning, I walked into the event knowing very few people and came away on Saturday evening, having met loads of fantastic new people from the community. I had been able to match faces to names I had heard before, and also meet completely new people. The best part about the community is how much they welcome you into their group!

I am looking forward to attending Nordic Summit and South Coast Summit later this year to reconnect with new friends and continue to meet more people in the community. And of course, I can’t wait until Scottish Summit returns in 2024. 

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