Proximo 3 Take on Tallinn

Cloud Technology Townhall Tallinn was an amazing event, however, the 3:30am wake-up call for a 6am flight from Edinburgh to Frankfurt was not so great especially when it lands later than expected. Although at least now I can say I’ve had a private escort through an airport after my late flight nearly caused me to miss my connecting flight (big thanks to Ana Inés Urrutia and Yannick Reekmans for holding the plane for me!)

The event was hosted in Tallinn Creative Hub and I LOVED the setting. It was dark, grungy, and very different from other event settings that I’ve attended. I also found that this event had drawn in many new people, and it was great to network, and I had some interesting conversations.

Fast forward to event day and it’s fair to say I thoroughly enjoyed watching everyone handing out Proximo 3 lanyards to all the attendees on arrival! After everyone was dressed in their Proximo 3 swag, we headed to the Cauldron Hall for the event introduction, hosted by Vivian Voss. After the introduction, it was time for a fun packed day full of sessions!

The first session that I attended was Dias Manjaly’s which was an introduction to Azure Server Bus. I really enjoyed this session as it was a high-level introduction to what Azure Server Bus is and the different ways in which it can be used.

Dias Manjaly presenting a session at Tallinn 2023 event

I then headed to Angeliki Patsiavou’s session on Change Management where she explained why it is good to involve change during projects and how to implement changes into our own projects.

At 11am, I attended Karoliina Kettukari’s session on Microsoft Viva. I found this session really engaging because she gave a good overview of what is available through Microsoft Viva, the different apps, and the benefits of those apps. I also convinced her to speak about Viva at Scottish Summit 2023, so watch out for her session there!

Karoliina Kettukari presenting a session at Tallinn 2023 event

When the sessions stopped for lunch, there was a good mix of food for everyone! I had the roasted cauliflower in satay sauce (the vegan option) and it was delicious, as expected.

After learning about Microsoft Viva, I headed to Malin Martnes’ amazing session which consisted of 3 days’ worth of content jam-packed into a 50-minute session all about Power Platform! This was great because it gave a good insight into the extreme possibilities that the Power Platform holds!

Malin Martnes presenting a session at Tallinn 2023 event

At 2pm, I visited Lisa Pulsinger and Norina Aichholz from Dox42, one of our partners, to hear about Power Automate! If you would also like to learn more about Power Automate, check out this webinar we filmed with them!

I then finished off the day with Edit Kapcari’s session about Governance, Power Platform, and the Centre of Excellence where she discussed the different solutions available to Fusion Teams.

After the event, I headed to the town square in Tallinn for the organiser’s and speakers’ meal. As everyone arrived at the town square, we were met by a crier and a procession led us toward the Olde Hansa Restaurant. This was a medieval-themed restaurant that included dessert served in an old Viking ship and the master of the table (Vivian Voss) having to test and approve the food before anyone else could begin eating.

All in all, my first trip to Tallinn was a huge success and I can’t wait for my next event of 2023!

To find out which events Proximo 3 will be attending in 2023 or to book one of our experts as a speaker, visit our events page here.