Microsoft Dynamics Field Service Wave One 2022 Release

Major Upgrades in Field Service Wave One Release:

Microsoft has announced that updates to Dynamics 365 Field Service are to be released next month in their wave one release for 2022 be a Field Service with some very interesting updates to Field Service and the Mobile Application area of the product. 

The Field Service App will be getting major upgrades including;

  • the date and time input fields will now leverage the default input controls from the mobile device.
  • the mobile device keyboards will show you the clicks as you’re using them
  • if you’re using a large-format device it will use a streamlined agenda view to allow more real estate on the screen
  • The customer’s primary account details will also display on the bookable resource booking tab for the customer
  • There is also some general tidying up with the navigation being streamlined by removing infrequently used commands including the start task flow and assistant
field service app wave 1 release

Device Compatability in Field Service Wave One Release:

One of the requests that we always had from customers was the ability to use a field service app on a device like a Microsoft Surface. Well, with the latest update that will become possible with Microsoft Dynamics 365 field service mobile application being compatible with Windows 10 and Windows 11 and, in addition, so will offline support.

You can look at outlook style booking calendars as well as receive a tailored user experience with the new PowerApps component framework (PCFs).  Also, you will be able to use the onboard device camera to take pictures and scan bar codes.

screenshot of field service app in use

Customer Service Portal In Field Service Wave One Release:

An item that was delayed slightly from Wave 2 2021 was the ability to allow customers to schedule service visits using a customer service portal. Using the self-service portal customers can request, track, and get email updates from the portal with the progress of their request. For Field Service, this will be a game-changing moment and very welcome addition.

These are just some of the updates that are available for dynamics 365 for field service but if you would like more information please get in contact and visit our Field Service webpage here.

field service on mobile