Proximo 3 are a Microsoft Partner Specialising in Dynamics 365 Field Service

Align field service books with agents calendars through automatic calendar updates and on-the-spot job updates

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Benefits of Dynamics 365 Field Service:

With Dynamics 365 Field Service, we deliver a rich ‘Experience as a Service’ offering to help customers shift their focus from reactive maintenance to a more proactive predictive service. This enables them to empower their frontline workers to optimise service delivery, increase productivity and personalise customer experiences.  

Set jobs for field service agents through collaborative calendars

Field Service agents can record live on-the-job updates

Track and monitor the types and lengths of different jobs

Receive and store job reports from agents against jobs, keeping all information in one place for each job

Easier communication between agents and field workers resulting in a more productive workflow

What Can Proximo 3 Do For Your Business?


Align agents with field service workers to ensure jobs are allocated, tracked, and completed correctly through joint calendars


Increase job productivity through structured calendars for field service workers, allowing more jobs to completed in an organised manner

Customer Satisfaction

With jobs planned in advance, field service workers can arrive on customer sites on time and complete the job within the allocated timeslot

Dynamics 365 Field Service needs specialised skills to be able to deploy successfully. And the team at Proximo 3 has been with Dynamics 365 Field Service since the beginning and is a trusted resource for me and the Microsoft team when building new application functionality.
Ben Vollmer
Ben Vollmer
Global Director - Dynamics 365 Field Service

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