Mark Christie Awarded MCT Regional Lead For The Next Calendar Year

We are super excited to announce that industry expert, Mark Christie, has been awarded MCT Regional Lead for the next calendar year! This opportunity will allow him to liaise with and help MCT’s in his region. He will also be able to help aspiring MCTs achieve an MCT award.

His main job in this role will be to assist and answer questions from other MCTs within his region and allow them to continue growing in the MCT programme by providing information on things such as certifications or courses!

Mark has held the MCT title for 4 years and knows the programme inside and out, making him a great candidate to guide others through their journey as an MCT.

Mark said: “It is a privilege to be involved in helping fellow MCTs become the best trainer they can be and guide potential candidates through the MCT process. I am excited to see where this new role takes me, and I hope to continue improving the Microsoft Certified Training programme for all future MCTs. The MCT programme is particularly important to me because it enables students to learn from industry experts who have the best knowledge of the subject matter they are delivering training on. In sharing knowledge and expertise with others, we can continue to build a community of Microsoft experts and enthusiasts.”

mark christie MCT regional lead headshot

If you would like to get in contact with us about a potential training opportunity, please contact us here.