Get ahead with the Power Platform Licensing Changes

Have you heard about the new Power Platform licensing changes? With Microsoft’s recent announcement of upcoming changes to the Power Apps, there has been a lot of discussion about what the advantages and disadvantages of these changes will be.

Our team has had internal conversations on the changes as well as proactive calls with our current customers and are here to walk you through the new Power Apps changed and help provide additional clarity on the next steps for your organisation. 

What Changes Can I Expect?

Microsoft has announced the following changes to Power Apps licensing:

  • Simplification of the Power Apps Per App plans to focus on a single app
  • An extension of the promotional offers until the changes officially take place on the 1st of October 2021
Get Ahead with the Power Platform Licensing Changes - Proximo 3

Also, the Per App plan licensing will be adjusted to allow users to run one app or one portal – a change from the current entitlement of two apps and one portal, bringing the license in line with the plan’s intent.

The Per App and Per User plans will be available across Microsoft’s commerce channels without license minimums or other purchase requirements. The plan entitlements will remain unchanged, including the ability for users to run unlimited apps and portals. 

These changes are taking place in order to make the platform more accessible for organisations, no matter the size of their team.

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Which Plan Is Right For My Organisation?

With the significant reduction in pricing for the Power Apps plans, you might be considering the investment for your organisation and wondering which one is right for you and your employees.

The Per App plan is best for organisations that want to license each of their users to run one app at a time, with the flexibility to stack licenses for each additional app.

The Per User plan is best for organisations that want one license for each user, regardless of the amount of apps needed. 

How Can I Get Ahead?

If you have an existing Per App plan before the 1st of October 2021, you will maintain the current entitlement of your plan for the duration of your agreement term.

Others can take advantage of reduced pricing by selecting from these promotional offers available until the 30th of September 2021:

  • Power Apps Per User plans are available for $12 per user/month (minimum purchase of 5,000 licenses)
  • Power App Per App plans are available for $3 per user/app/month (minimum purchase of 200 licenses)

In addition, Microsoft has recently made Power Apps portals login capacity available at a reduced price for eligible customers purchasing large volumes of sessions. With these limited-time offers, Power Apps portals login capacity is available for only $12 per unit/month for tier 5 capacity.

By taking advantage of these extended promotions, your organisation can stay ahead of the game.

Key Takeaways

  • Microsoft has announced upcoming changes to the Power Platform Licensing, including a 50% reduction in the price of plans
  • These changes will simplify the plans and make them more accessible
  • An extension is being offered on current plan promotions
  • Get ahead of the game by taking advantage of these Power Apps promotions

 At Proximo 3, our consultants are dedicated to bringing success to your business through Microsoft solutions. If you aren’t sure what plan is best for you and your team, we can help! We’ll take a look at your current Power Platform licensing and see how we can either reduce the cost of your plan, or get the most out of your licenses. To get in touch, book a free call with one of our experts here.